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Erin & Alex's Wedding Day

June 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


The Edgewater

Congrats to Erin & Alex! DSC_8823DSC_8823 DSC_8828DSC_8828 DSC_8966DSC_8966 DSC_8970DSC_8970 DSC_9008DSC_9008 DSC_9045DSC_9045 DSC_9105DSC_9105 DSC_9116DSC_9116 DSC_9118DSC_9118 DSC_9151DSC_9151 DSC_9160DSC_9160 DSC_9172DSC_9172 DSC_9221DSC_9221 DSC_9224DSC_9224 DSC_9286DSC_9286 DSC_9290DSC_9290 DSC_9294DSC_9294 DSC_9318DSC_9318 DSC_9322DSC_9322 DSC_9356DSC_9356 DSC_9399DSC_9399 DSC_9443DSC_9443 DSC_9508DSC_9508 DSC_9618DSC_9618 DSC_9674DSC_9674 DSC_9702DSC_9702 DSC_9732DSC_9732 DSC_9734DSC_9734 DSC_9749DSC_9749 DSC_9792DSC_9792 DSC_9797DSC_9797 DSC_9804DSC_9804 DSC_9835DSC_9835 DSC_9850DSC_9850 DSC_8811DSC_8811 DSC_9904DSC_9904 DSC_9938DSC_9938 DSC_0107DSC_0107 DSC_0127DSC_0127 DSC_0158DSC_0158 DSC_0229DSC_0229 DSC_0234DSC_0234 DSC_0243DSC_0243 DSC_0287DSC_0287 DSC_0310DSC_0310 DSC_0330DSC_0330 Vendor Love:

Venue - The Edgewater, Madison WI

Flowers - Garden Laurels

Cake - Creative Confections

DJ - Jukebox Bandstand

Video - Fred Booras

Hair & Makeup - Edgewater Spa

String Quartet - Jukebox Bandstand

Ceremony Dress & Reception Dress - Annika Bridal - Edina, MN


Rhonda & Paul's Wedding Day

May 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Congratulations Rhonda & Paul!

Married at beautiful Mansion Hill in Madison, Wisconsin



DSC_1401DSC_1401 DSC_1409DSC_1409 DSC_1485DSC_1485 DSC_1429DSC_1429 DSC_1430DSC_1430 DSC_1487DSC_1487 DSC_1476DSC_1476 DSC_1494DSC_1494 DSC_1501DSC_1501 DSC_1515DSC_1515 DSC_1504DSC_1504 DSC_1519DSC_1519 DSC_2641-2DSC_2641-2 DSC_1538DSC_1538 DSC_1506DSC_1506 DSC_1582DSC_1582 DSC_1625DSC_1625 DSC_1637DSC_1637 DSC_1649DSC_1649 DSC_1652DSC_1652 DSC_1661DSC_1661 DSC_1668-2DSC_1668-2 DSC_1672-2DSC_1672-2 DSC_1706-2DSC_1706-2 DSC_1779-2DSC_1779-2 DSC_1819-2DSC_1819-2 DSC_2089-2DSC_2089-2 DSC_2095DSC_2095 DSC_2111-2DSC_2111-2 DSC_2134-2DSC_2134-2 DSC_2139-2DSC_2139-2 DSC_2168-2DSC_2168-2 DSC_2171-2DSC_2171-2 DSC_2193-2DSC_2193-2 DSC_2193-2-2DSC_2193-2-2 DSC_2222DSC_2222 DSC_2241-2DSC_2241-2 DSC_2246-2DSC_2246-2 DSC_2303-2DSC_2303-2 DSC_2312-2DSC_2312-2 DSC_2373-2DSC_2373-2 DSC_2403-2DSC_2403-2 DSC_2444DSC_2444 DSC_2491-2DSC_2491-2 DSC_2495-2DSC_2495-2 DSC_2663-2DSC_2663-2 DSC_2702-2DSC_2702-2 DSC_2746-2DSC_2746-2 DSC_2755-2DSC_2755-2 DSC_2769-2DSC_2769-2

Vendor Love:

Bridal Gown: Brandi's in New Glarus

Tuxes: Men's Warehouse

Rings: Kesslers

Venue: Mansion Hill

Caterer: Underground Catering

Florals: Momentum Floral

Garrett & Lindsey's Wedding Day

May 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Congratulations Garrett & Lindsey!  



DSC_7913DSC_7913 DSC_7811DSC_7811 DSC_7836DSC_7836 DSC_8456DSC_8456 DSC_8425DSC_8425 DSC_8037DSC_8037 DSC_8107DSC_8107 DSC_8124DSC_8124 DSC_8131DSC_8131 DSC_8142DSC_8142 DSC_8145DSC_8145 DSC_8148DSC_8148 DSC_8206DSC_8206 DSC_8155DSC_8155 DSC_8215DSC_8215 DSC_8474DSC_8474 DSC_8492DSC_8492 DSC_8501DSC_8501 DSC_8502DSC_8502 DSC_8517DSC_8517 DSC_8591DSC_8591 DSC_8666DSC_8666 DSC_8653DSC_8653 DSC_8820DSC_8820 DSC_8851DSC_8851 DSC_8834DSC_8834 DSC_8890DSC_8890 DSC_8812DSC_8812 DSC_8864DSC_8864 DSC_8771DSC_8771 DSC_8901DSC_8901 DSC_8961DSC_8961 DSC_8945DSC_8945 DSC_4463-2DSC_4463-2

Above photo by Tyra Leonard  DSC_9114DSC_9114 DSC_4347-2DSC_4347-2 Above photo by Tyra Leonard DSC_9196DSC_9196 DSC_4839-2DSC_4839-2

Above photo by Tyra Leonard DSC_4401-2DSC_4401-2

Above photo by Tyra Leonard DSC_9316DSC_9316 DSC_9491DSC_9491 DSC_9577DSC_9577 DSC_9683DSC_9683 DSC_9498DSC_9498 Vendor Love:

Venue - Rex's Innkeeper in Waunakee

Flowers - Simply Glamorous Designs

Bridal Gown - Vera's Bridal 

Party Bus - Gallant Knight Limousine

Tuxes - Men's Warehouse

2nd Photographer - Tyra Leonard 

Danielle & Jake's Wedding Day

May 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

May 5th, 2018

Danielle & Jake

The Fields Reserve

DSC_3720DSC_3720 DSC_2495DSC_2495 DSC_3730DSC_3730 DSC_2936DSC_2936 DSC_2922DSC_2922 DSC_2737DSC_2737 DSC_2916DSC_2916 DSC_2623DSC_2623 DSC_3008DSC_3008 DSC_3050DSC_3050 DSC_3088DSC_3088 DSC_3108DSC_3108 DSC_3119DSC_3119 DSC_3167DSC_3167 DSC_3181DSC_3181 DSC_3217DSC_3217 DSC_3213DSC_3213 DSC_3572DSC_3572 DSC_3569DSC_3569 DSC_3626DSC_3626 DSC_3475DSC_3475 DSC_3411DSC_3411 DSC_2576DSC_2576 DSC_2770DSC_2770 DSC_2815DSC_2815 DSC_2550DSC_2550 DSC_2825DSC_2825 DSC_2674DSC_2674 DSC_3893DSC_3893 DSC_3905DSC_3905 DSC_3926DSC_3926 DSC_3961DSC_3961 DSC_4028DSC_4028 DSC_4031DSC_4031 DSC_4040DSC_4040 DSC_4069DSC_4069 DSC_4071DSC_4071 DSC_4082DSC_4082 DSC_4197DSC_4197 DSC_4321DSC_4321

Vendor Love:

Venue: The Fields Reserve - Stoughton

DJ: Celebrations - John

Dress - Brandi's - New Glarus

Catering, Flowers & Cake - Hyvee Catering - Scott 

Adam & Janelle's Wedding Day

January 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Congrats to Adam & Janelle!  

What a fabulous holiday wedding!  I loved the gold theme, The Wilderness Glacier Lodge reception and 

that time when the wedding party lifted the bride and groom over their heads!  

DSC_0018-2DSC_0018-2 DSC_0019-2DSC_0019-2 DSC_0032-2DSC_0032-2 DSC_0037-2DSC_0037-2 DSC_0054-2DSC_0054-2 DSC_0068-2DSC_0068-2 DSC_0075-2DSC_0075-2 DSC_0097-2DSC_0097-2 DSC_0163-2DSC_0163-2 DSC_0184-2DSC_0184-2 DSC_0282DSC_0282 DSC_0403-3DSC_0403-3 DSC_0538-2DSC_0538-2 DSC_0541-2DSC_0541-2 DSC_0553-2DSC_0553-2 DSC_0574-2DSC_0574-2 DSC_0588-2DSC_0588-2 DSC_0592-2DSC_0592-2 DSC_0676-2DSC_0676-2 DSC_0684-2DSC_0684-2 DSC_0926-2DSC_0926-2 DSC_0956-2DSC_0956-2 DSC_0985-2DSC_0985-2 DSC_1010-3DSC_1010-3 DSC_1143-3DSC_1143-3 DSC_1166-2DSC_1166-2 DSC_1201-3DSC_1201-3 DSC_1237-3DSC_1237-3 DSC_1267-2DSC_1267-2 DSC_1372-2DSC_1372-2 DSC_1375-2DSC_1375-2 DSC_1379-2DSC_1379-2 DSC_1399-2DSC_1399-2 DSC_1400-2DSC_1400-2 DSC_1553-2DSC_1553-2 DSC_1685-2DSC_1685-2

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